Friday, October 21, 2005

More Benson stupidity and hypocrisy. Does he think we don't know what he's up to?

Saints owner Tom Benson wants to terminate the lease for the team's Airline Drive training facility, claiming the National Guard and FEMA left the building in poor condition after using it following Hurricane Katrina.

However, state officials said the damage—if any—was minimal. WWL-TV cameras found at the facility Thursday seem to back that up.

A look down one hallway of the team's practice facility through an open door does not show the entire two-story Saints complex, but it does reveal two parts used by FEMA and the National Guard after the hurricane. Both portions of the building had been completely cleaned after their departure.

“From all indications the site is certainly useable. And we’re gonna verify that next week,” said Tim Coulon, Chairman of the Superdome Commission.

Mr. Benson.
Sell the Saints to a buyer who will keep the Saints in NO, then leave. And get yourself another franchise. Or not. Just leave, please.

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