Thursday, October 13, 2005

Euthanasia at Memorial Medical Center?

The Louisiana attorney general's office is investigating allegations that mercy killings occurred and has requested that autopsies be performed on all 45 bodies taken from the hospital after the storm.

Orleans Parish coroner Frank Minyard said investigators have told him they think euthanasia may have been committed.

"They thought someone was going around injecting people with some sort of lethal medication," Minyard said.

Dr. Bryant King, who was working at Memorial when conditions were at their worst, told CNN that while he did not witness any acts of euthanasia, "most people know something happened that shouldn't have happened."
Looks as if something very dark went on at the hospital. Did someone panic? Were conditions bad enough to justify mercy killing? Again, why weren't there evacuation plans for the seriously ill, the bedridden, the elderly?

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