Thursday, October 27, 2005

Benson doesn't get it.

These guys get the concept. They understand the best way for the Saints to prosper is to create an environment that fosters unconditional fandom. The other part of the understanding is there are two components in the fan world, fans and business partners.

Their “sins” were simple. Fielkow felt the Saints owe something to their fans in Louisiana. He says the decision to stay in New Orleans is simply “the right thing to do.” Abandoning the city now makes sense economically but it stinks from a moral standpoint.

Kowal’s sin is apparently a good relationship with Fielkow. I’ve always heard things are tough in the big leagues. Now that I see it up close and personal, it stinks, too.

Benson will never find fans as loyal in San Antonio or Los Angeles. When he loses, and he will lose a lot, they will desert him.

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