Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Saints VP fired.

SAN ANTONIO--Saints executive vice president of administration Arnold Fielkow was fired Monday, ending nearly six seasons as one of owner Tom Benson's senior administrators, according to several team sources.

Fielkow most recently had been placed in charge of the team's marketing and ticket sales operations in Baton Rouge for four upcoming home games at Tiger Stadium.
The ticket selling for BR was a disaster. But note, Fielkow was fired, not because the team performed badly, but because of poor ticket sales. He was not a customer-friendly sort of guy, and I never cared for his policies.
Could this be a warning to the coaching staff?

UPDATE: And now the Mayor of San Antonio says he's going to negotiate with Benson to move the Saints. Benson must not think he needs a good reputation in New Orleans, or any friends there. There are parts of New Orleans that he'd better not venture in unescorted if he moves the team.

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