Sunday, October 23, 2005

Boy, was I wrong about Fielkow.

This is from, and a very reliable source. Arnie Fielkow was fired as NO Saints Vice President because he opposed Benson's plans to move the Saints to San Antonio (and then on to L.A.).

...congrats on all that you and the people are doing on the Baton Rouge games. It is very important that the games be well attended and your efforts will definitely go a long way in achieving this objective....The past week has been personally difficult but I have been greatly comforted by all of the very kind phone calls and emails. Please feel free to pass along to all of the SR members how much I personally appreciate their comments and support and, working together, I am very optimistic the Saints will remain long term in their rightful place- in New Orleans!


PS. Let's hope for on-field success the next couple months and that the Saints can still make a playoff run.

The fans at have been collecting money for flyers, radio ads, and a banner to fly over Tiger Stadium for the Miami game. They's raised thousands of dollars. The radio ads will eventually be heard all over the state. Many thanks to all of them. And my apologies and gratitude to Mr. Fielkow, and best wishes. I'm sure he'll land on his feet somewhere in the NFL.

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