Tuesday, October 11, 2005

FEMA to rebid contracts.

Perhaps this time some Gulf Coast companies will get work.
Days after facing criticism from a congressional panel, the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Monday announced plans to competitively bid contracts for ongoing hurricane recovery work and to rebid four major contracts already awarded, including one to The Shaw Group of Baton Rouge.
But remember FEMA always gives preference to those companies it has worked with before.

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Anonymous said...

This is how a lot of this stuff works:

Sanford & Son Remediation's assets consist of minority entrepreneurs Pop and Lamar and an old pickup truck.

They hire a major player like SGR to actually WRITE their response & remediation bid proposal on contingency. It becomes an 8a set-aside award wherein Sanford & Son then sub out all of the actual work to the major white bread player that actually HAS the expertise and logistical capability -- like SGR.

Pols get to point to all the "minority/disadvantaged" firms getting their "fair share" of the federal work. The taxpayers get hooked for an additional administrative layer of no-value-added paper-pushing.

Affirmative Action Corporate Welfare.

Not all of it, but a LOT of it.

I've directly seen it in action repeatedly.