Monday, October 10, 2005

I got this photo essay as an email today. Don't know who put it together.

Their Levees and Our Levees.....

Here's how the British hold back the waters from flooding London:

And the Dutch solution to protecting an entire nation that mostly rests below sea level:

The Italians are defending their city on the sea, Venice:

And the richest, most powerful and technologically advanced nation on earth...USA!!!!!! Go Corps of Engineers!!!!

Hey, it takes a lot of money to keep corrupt politicians corrupt...................

UPDATE: This is turning out to be a popular post. I'd appreciate any comments on how you learned about it. And stop by the main page please. There's lots of NO and Katrina news.

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k's meow said...

My brother-in-law sent me an email about "their levees and our levees," but none of his photos came through in his message. I found your blog using Google. Thanks.