Friday, October 07, 2005

Is more gambling the solution? Nagin thinks so.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said he is asking the Governor to allow the city to create a casino gaming zone that would greatly expand the gambling and entertainment areas of this city.
Nagin said it is time for bold, ‘out of the box’ thinking to help bring the city’s economy back.
Nagin said the gaming zone would go from Claiborne Avenue at Canal and at Poydras and down towards the river.
According to Nagin, hotels with more than 500 rooms would be allowed to become full-fledged casinos and the money would be split handsomely with the city.
The proposed deal would eliminate the exclusivity of Harrah’s.
I don't know if it's bold or out of the box to propose more gambling in Louisiana. I'm pretty skeptical about this proposal. We already have slots at almost every truck stop. Casinos in N.O. Lake Charles and Shreveport. MOst gamblers come from Texas anyway, and the casinos in the western part of the state seem to satisfy them just fine. However, I've never been fond of the idea that only one company can have a monopoly on gambling in N.O. That's just a holdover from the Edwards' plan, which I am sure was designed to guarantee a payoff to Edwin for granting the license.

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