Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lafayette fibre: this site takes no prisoners.

Whining, Snivel[i]ng Losers Redux: Lawsuits Let's be very clear about this: BellSouth's purpose is to defeat the express will of the people of Lafayette or at least make it much more expensive by making the bonds that fund it much more expensive. The two very similar lawsuits center on BellSouth's peculiar belief that public entities shouldn't have the same rights to support new ventures that private entities have.

BellSouth has decided that, having lost in public opinion, lost at the polls, and lost at the PSC on the regulatory meaning of state law that what it ought to do is not settle down and compete but sue the city over its bond ordinance.
He's right, Lafayette voters have voted overwhelmingly that they want LUS to provide fibre optical connections to the home. Bellsouth is trying to dodge the competition.

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