Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More on those complaints about Baton Rouge police.

Complaints by two visiting law-enforcement agencies against the Police Department involve the use of force as well as unprofessional language and conduct, Chief Jeff LeDuff said Monday.

LeDuff said in a written statement that the month-old investigation centers mostly on "possible technical violations of procedures, including use of unprofessional language and conduct." But he added the department is also looking into three separate incidents involving "application of force."

In an interview last week, LeDuff declined to discuss details of the allegations, saying only that most appear to involve "policy violations."
It appears that Katrina disrupted business as usual in both the N.O. and Baton Rouge police departments. Time for a thorough cleaning and re-training of both forces. The fact that in BR, the police were violating policy in front of police from other jurisdictions indicates that they thought that they were not going to be reported. They must have thought that everyone was as abusive as they were. And in New Orleans, the threats against an ABC cameraman who taped the beating of a man in the French Quarter indicate that these policemen have hardly entered the 21st century, where everything is on record. Didn't they learn anything from the Rodney King disaster in Los Angeles?

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