Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A note on Harriet Miers. Good news for progressives?

This email is from someone whose opinion I trust and who is very familiar with the Texas legal community. It's just one man's opinion, but it's very well informed opinion. He's a very bright lawyer and has worked in Dallas for several years. It would be fair to call him a committed liberal too.
I’ve spoken with some of my trusted advisors in Dallas who know her well after working on deals with her for years, and they says she’s about as good of a person as they’ve ever met. One guy says she’s always said that only the best and brightest should be serving in public office (which is something I’ve often said, and which is an ironic statement for her to make given who she works for). But, if the blogs and the newspapers are any indication, this is a home run for non-conservatives, and a blow to conservatives who were ready for an ideological fight. Of course, she could also be a Trojan horse – a radical conservative in sweet Southern lady clothing. She did, after all, oppose the repeal of the Texas anti-sodomy statute (which the US Supreme Court struck down). My bet is that she’s confirmed by a higher approval ratio than Roberts was.

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