Sunday, October 02, 2005

One of the charms of New Orleans was the irrationality.

A fine, very thoughtful and informative article from the Times Picayune on the issues involved in rebouilding New Orleans. No one wants to see it turned into a bland set of look-alike houses and neighborhoods, but the planning is just beginning. It will take some real cooperation and intelligent foresight to do it right.

On the bright side, though, Saints win!! And thanks partly to a very fired up crowd in San Antonio.

The Saints are a major component in the rebuilding of New Orleans, and it's vital that the issues between Tom Benson and the state are settled soon. And an important part of that discussion is the fate of the Superdome. If it's repaired, it must be made safe as a hurricane shelter in the future. That's going to require some Federal money.

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