Monday, November 14, 2005

Big FEMAcontract goes to fat cat legislator's family.

The uncle and father of a Louisiana lawmaker have won three no-bid contracts worth 108 (m) million dollars to provide temporary housing for Hurricane Katrina evacuees even though their motorcycle shop didn't have a license to sell new trailers until after the first deal was signed.
Recreational vehicle dealers in Louisiana are angry, saying they've been shut out of what they call a sweetheart deal. One is threatening to sue the motorcycle shop's owners for violating the dealer's franchise rights to sell R-Vs.
. . . . . .
The New Orleans-area motorcycle shop owned by Representative Gary Smith's family has received FEMA contracts to provide 64-hundred trailers to the agency to house those who lost their homes.

The continuing story of FEMA screwups.
Here's Smith's website
And his email:
Not necessarily saying you should write him or anything. Just saying.

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