Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Check out Louisiana Weekly

They feature a great round-up of election speculation. Some samples:

In the same week, Peggy Wilson formally hires the hottest campaign consultant in Louisiana, while Mitch Landrieu chastises both Gov. Blanco and Mayor Nagin before a high profile event on how to rebuild after Katrina. By their actions, could these two well-known politicians established themselves as frontrunners to be the next Mayor of New Orleans?
. . . . .
Blanco already faces a Democratic challenger. PSC Commissioner Foster Campbell has announced his intentions to run for Governor on a populist platform highlighting Blanco's close connections with the oil industry. Campbell recommends a four percent oil processing tax on refineries that would produce enough revenue to end Louisiana's corporate and personal income taxes.
With Campbell's challenge of Blanco's governorship, Landrieu could present himself as the savior of Democrats, and seek the office with a clear conscience.
Bob Moffet, President of the Orleans Chapter of the Alliance for Good Government and a long time friend of the lieutenant governor, says if given to choose, "I think he (Landrieu) is going to run for governor...Blanco is toast."
. . . . . .
Governor Kathleen Blanco's decision to cut 10 percent of the state budget unilaterally unsurprisingly has brought some angry responses, but few expected them to come from the party of fiscal conservatism, the GOP.

Good stuff.

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