Monday, November 21, 2005

Corps of Engineers virtually guarantees another catastrophe by their incompetance

The commitment to rebuild New Orleans-area levees to pre-Katrina strength before the start of the next hurricane season in June doesn't include spots that weakened but didn't break during the storm.
. . . . . .
That rebuilding will focus on about 40 miles of levees and floodwalls that failed or were breached during Hurricane Katrina, Taylor said. However, that doesn't include repairing the areas that may have been weakened but didn't fail during the storms, he said. That job will probably fall to another group in the corps -- and that work probably won't be completed by June 1, he said.

Robert Bea, professor of civil and environmental engineering at University of California at Berkeley, said he hasn't seen anything to indicate that repairing weakened spots before next hurricane season has been included in the corps', or anyone else's, plan.

"It's all focused on the breaches," he said.

O, great. Now when the levees fail again, it won't do as much damage, because the (shouting) damage has already been done!

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