Monday, November 21, 2005

Sixty Minutes? Ill-informed.

It is sheer vandalism to do what Sixty Minutes did last night. They talked to only one scientist, whose specialty has nothng to do with erosion, subsidence, or city planning, and came to the conclusion that New Orleans is no longer viable. The damage done by this report is almost as great as the storm itself. Louisiana is having a very hard time explaining to the rest of the nation just how desperate our situation is. (If you want to know exactly how desperate, see the Time article below.) Now, this report gives the sceptics and detractors of Louisiana in D.C. just the ammunition they need to starve New Orleans to death. This great tragedy, instead of galvanizing a nation into action, will be belittled and derided as a necessary means of cutting our inevitable losses, little will be done, and New Orleans will sink, not under the effect of the forces of nature, but under the neglect of deluded and misled politicians and unfeeling ideologues.

UPDATE: Here's a great post from another blogger, bayoustjohndavid, on the 60 Minutes mess.

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