Tuesday, June 27, 2006

90% of public housing will be gone.

“Ethnic Cleansing” in New Orleans:
"The Hope VI program allows only about 10% of the original population who used to live in public housing to come back. Public schools, healthcare services will be reduced or removed all together to discourage people from returning. Even if they return, there will be no public housing, no public healthcare and not enough public schools for them and their children. The reality is that those “who've been planning the recovery process never wanted poor people to return to the city in the first place”, Lance Hill, the director of the Southern Institute for Education and Research at Tulane University told the New York Times. “And they haven't made it easy” for them to return to their homes. In other words, the victims will be further victimized.

“That’s tantamount to ethnic cleansing,” said Mike Howells, a member of United Front for Affordable Housing. “We know who is going to be shut out as a result of that” added Howells. Furthermore, vacancy rate in New Orleans, especially in areas less affected by Hurricane Katrina is very high but rental is beyond reach for low income people, and landlords are opting to keep their properties closed, further reducing the availability of housing for rent."
"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did." Richard Baker (R-La), September 09, 2005.

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