Thursday, June 22, 2006

Two good things about this veto. | AP Top Stories:
"Gov. Kathleen Blanco on Thursday vetoed a bill that would have expanded the insurance benefits lawmakers enjoy on the state's dime - a measure that generated harsh criticism after the legislative session ended.

'It doesn't make sound public policy,' Blanco said in a news release. 'I want to thank citizens for calling my office and expressing their views. I heard them loud and clear.

'This bill had a very short life span and I'm pleased to have pulled the plug.'"

First, it won't let the leges get away with a raid on the treasury. If they want health care, let's see them work on health care for everyone.

Second, the governor credits the outcry of "citizens" calling her office for the veto. That shows responsiveness and accountability.

Good work, Governor.

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