Thursday, June 01, 2006

Alleged human Bill O'Reilly slanders American troops to protect the coverup of a massacre

Talking to Wesley Clark, Bill O'Reilly, ever anxious to smear Congressman Murtha and defend the administration against charges of a coverup, attempts to change the subject and minimize the heinousness of the Haditha massacre. In the process he implies that Americans have always engaged in atrocities during wartime. As though it was some homely American tradition.

"'In Malmedy as you know, US forces captured SS forces, who had their hands in the air, and they were unarmed and they shot them down. You know that. That's on the record. Been documented. In Iwo Jima the same thing occurred.'
---- Bill O'Reilly to Wesley Clark at the 3:39 mark in this clip at the redoubtable Crooks and Liars.

Where do such twisted ideas come from?! At Malmedy, German SS soldiers gunned down 71 unarmed American troops. Perhaps O'Reilly was having some sort of brain seizure/attack from reading Nazi apologists who concocted stories like the one recounted below in a more authoritative venue:

With the passing of time this story, too, has been embellished to a point where the surrendered Americans, having recovered their weapons, actually opened fire on the main body of the Kampfgruppe. It is hard to comprehend how supposedly intelligent people can advance a theory that green and terrified soldiers who had already surrendered would pick up their rifles and pistols--they had nothing larger--which hardened Waffen SS soldiers had left lying around, in order to engage tanks and halftracks.

Why did not Clark, who certainly knows better, rise out of his chair in righteous wrath, and smite O'Reilly for sullying the name of American soldiers (apart from the fact that they were not in the same room)? O'Reilly, unable to deny the mounting evidence from multiple sources-- including eyewitnesses, the soldiers who cleaned up the scene of the massacre and took the bodies to the morgue-- that there was a six-month-long coverup which went very high into the Pentagon --O'Reilly unable to deny the evidence, launched a personal attack on Murtha for bringing the atrocity to light. IOW, shoot the messenger.

In fact, Clark held up his end in defense of Murtha against this torrent of spewing nonsense, but how can you counter such flamboyant stupidity? To O'Reilly, presumably there is no difference between a fanatical, disciplined Japanese soldier in a cave at Iwo Jima (where Marines took 26000 casualties, more than the number of Japanese soldiers on the island, and 6800 dead, more than twice the number of the WTC deaths) and a four year old girl.

REALLY, why do Americans put up with such monumental egoistical meat-puppets as the alleged human Bill O'Reilly?

Some D-Day vet or Iwo Jima Marine needs to straighten O'Reilly out.

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