Friday, June 02, 2006

Not surprising to anyone familiar with academic timidity.

Ivor van Heerden's 'Storm' Draws Fire at L.S.U. - New York Times:
"To many in Louisiana this outspokenness has made Dr. van Heerden a hero. But at his university it has gotten him called on the carpet for threatening the institution's relationship with the federal government and the research money that comes with that. Last November two vice chancellors at Lousiana State — Michael Ruffner, in charge of communications for the university, and Harold Silverman, who leads the office of research — brought him in for a meeting. As Dr. van Heerden recalled in an interview in Baton Rouge, La., the two administrators — one of whom controlled his position, which is nontenured — said that 'they would prefer that I not talk to the press because it could hurt L.S.U.'s chances of getting federal funding in the future.'

The administrators told him to work through the university's media relations department instead."

Damn stupid. But par for the course for academic administrators who are more nervous than rabbits in a dog pen.

Thanks to Wet Bank Guide.

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