Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nasreal Batiste, failed terrorist is from Bunkie. | News | Son's arrest stuns father:
"On Friday, the gentle-spoken 72-year-old Batiste again turned on the television only to discover his own son — who mysteriously left the family farm shortly after 9-11 — may have hatched a similar plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and a federal building in Miami.

Batiste is the father of Narseal Batiste — one of five Americans and two others arrested by federal agents and accused of conspiring with al-Qaida to commit terrorist acts.

“I’m so upset over this,” said Narcisse Batiste, who was first interviewed in Bunkie on Friday evening by WBRZ, Channel 2. “I feel if I could reach I would give all of them a whoopin’. But I can’t reach.”"
When I first read the story I thought that the name Batiste might indicate a Louisiana family. On the Houston news they were calling his group the Keystone Terrorists.

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