Thursday, June 29, 2006

I don't get it. | News for New Orleans, Louisiana | Local News:
"City officials announced Wednesday that a master rebuilding plan would be unveiled within a week.

Many residents have been asking when the city would lay out its plan to revive communities and whether it would include the individual plans developed by neighborhoods.

Mayor Nagin said recovering from a disaster like Hurricane Katrina is unprecedented and would take time.

'It's nine months after 80 percent of our city was under water, as I look at New York and I look at what they have done, it's five or six years and they're still planning to reconstruct the World Trade Center, so there's no manual, there's no precedent for this, we really don't know if we're going to fast or too slow.'

City officials did not give a specific date for the unveiling of the master plan, but they said a comprehensive zoning plan would also be presented at that time."
Only a couple of days ago Nagin said that the plan wouldn't be ready till the end of the year. Is this a different plan or something?

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