Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nagin says to wait till end of the year for plan.

Reuters AlertNet - New Orleans mayor sees rebuilding plan by year-end:

But some think he's moving too slow --- and they're right.
"'We are behind the curve in that and we do need to make strong bold decisions on the ground here to do the right thing, which may not always be politically easy, or politically popular, but we need a plan about where to focus activity and resources and rebuilding,' Republican Senator David Vitter said late last week, echoing a New York Times editorial.

Standing next to him, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu agreed that city planning needed work.

'It's a challenge,' she said. 'The rubber hits the road right here, in the parishes, in the neighborhoods, on the ground.'

Discussions throughout the city range from whether some neighborhoods should be turned into parks, if the city should concentrate resources or replicate what it had, and which areas and houses should be elevated.

To do that, many want a grand vision.

'It is getting late,' for a plan, the Times-Picayune newspaper said in an earlier this month editorial faulting 'a lack of leadership and coordination'.

It said it was encouraged that Nagin seemed 'ready to get the planning process moving' but called for a citywide plan."

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GentillyGirl said...

If Chocolate Ray thinks we can wait 'til the end of the year for a Master Plan, we's out of his mind. (Haven't I read that somewhere?)

There'll be an insurrection... there could be blood on the streets. This decision cannot stand. New Orleans must start rebuilding now!

Sinn Fein!