Thursday, November 03, 2005

How Venice does it.

Venice (Italy, not Louisiana) has many of the same problems that New Orleans has. Even a carnival and a reputation for a bit of dishonesty. Nevertheless, the Italians get things done.
Floods usually occur between October and February, when winter storms bring lower atmospheric pressure and higher winds, leading to increased tide levels. But this year, it also flooded several times in June, when the city was unprepared. "It was a disaster, like snow removal in Boston in the summer," said Bras, who added that flooding tides of 1.4 meters (four and a half feet) were once rare, but now occur almost every year.

The increased flooding is caused by two things: the city is sinking and sea level is rising.
Note to self: Find out why MIT is working over there, and not over here in N.O.

Here's a round-up of other large-scale European flood control projects.

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