Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Michael Moore's Katrina Relief

My staff has been down in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast for nearly a month now setting up and running our own relief effort with Veterans for Peace. The overwhelming response from so many of you has directly affected the lives of thousands of people. Here's what we've been able to do with your help:

** Over 500 tons of food, water, clothing, medical supplies, baby products, feminine hygiene products, cleaning supplies, power tools, and a boat and trailer for reaching those still flooded by water have been distributed directly to those in need

There's more.
His newest movie "Katrina: the Wrath of Bush" is scheduled for release in June 2006.
His site has posters in pdf format that you can print out.
UPDATE: Someone on Wikipedia is now claiming this site is a hoax. Check it out ---

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L D Schilling said...

I am waiting for this documentary! Finally the folks around the country will be able to see what really happened to our beloved Louisiana and the surrounding gulf coast. L