Saturday, November 05, 2005

MSNBC Wrong About NFL Saints Tom Benson


An aritcle written in MSNBC is disturbing. It is written "By Bob Cook, contributor and is entitled, "Benson Might Be Right To Leave New Orleans". The author´s focus is upon how much of a jerk Benson has been but given the uncertainty of the city, the owner might be right to leave.



The possibilities that Benson has been negotiating with another city during the plight of New Orleans, the statement that Benson was looking at really putting the screws to a cash-strappped state by exercising the force majeure part of the contract--says it all.

By comparison, thousands of Louisiana citizens have lost everything--what has Benson lost? Why doesn´t he give up millions where it can really do some good to the people who supported him.

Where was the ambassador to the city when we needed one.

It is all about money for this man. He is like Potter and Scrooge all morphed into one.

Louisiana will support the Saints but not Benson. It will be a regional effort but they will do so out of pride.

Which is so much more than the used car dealer can ever claim on his resume.

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