Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tom Benson has indeed gone 'round the bend.

What sort of sorry dementia is this? He writes Tagliabue saying he won't return to Baton Rouge.
The Saints, in a statement, acknowledged that an e-mail was sent from Benson to Tagliabue but said it was done out of frustration and that Benson has not finalized his plans for this weekend's game against the Chicago Bears at Tiger Stadium.

In the e-mail, Benson called security at Tiger Stadium "inadequate to nonexistent" and claimed that he and his family members "could have all been severely injured or killed."

"I will not return to Baton Rouge for any reason, including any games scheduled for the end of this season or a contemplated next season," Benson said in the e-mail. "No person, much less the owner of NFL team, should have either he, his family or his friends subjected to this form of danger, intimidation and abuse. I was advised not to go but wanted to support the League."
Dangerous cameramen everywhere. Must. Lunge. Must . . .

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