Saturday, May 06, 2006

Another Bush voter turns on him.

BayouBuzz - Congress Budget Fight, Presidential Bush Veto Will Guarantee GOP Overthrow:
"With professional[sic] in New Orleans committing suicide over Congress and Presidential disarray, should the Republican Congress tamper with the Katriana relief funding or should President Bush veto a spending plan for New Orleans, the Republican party in Louisiana and New Orleans and within the United States is history.

Already, the GOP are proving they cannot run Congress and the presidency. Their combined numbers are the lowest recorded since the great revolution of 1994.

Americans are fed up with President Bush’s promises to Louisiana and promoting a war that was prorogated upon campaign lies or intelligence incompetence. And this comes from a Bush supporter swing voter who saw a victory for Bush as my patriotic duty. What a mistake. "
Better late than never, but you could have seen this years ago, Steve. It didn't take Katrina to show you.

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