Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh, man, this is such good news.

Liuzza's reopens Saturday:
"'The restaurant sat for over 2 ½ weeks under 8 ½ feet of water,' Edler said of the corner building at 3636 Bienville St. 'There was nothing salvageable. If it wasn't glass or stainless steel, it had to go in the trash. Everything they see is going to be new.'

Close-reading Liuzza's devotees have likely already noted that Liuzza's famous, globe-shaped (and sized) frosted beer mugs were in fact glass. Edler said the fact that they were stored in the freezer when the storm hit saved them from breaking.

'I'm on my way right now to sanitize them,' she said earlier this week.

The party begins Saturday at 3 p.m., and runs 'until.' There will be free jambalaya and a cash bar where, yes, you will be able to buy frosty mugs of beer."

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