Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Moon Blogging

I've been out the last two nights, since it was so clear and cool, trying to get some shots of the full moon. It's a learning process for me since I have just started "digiscoping"* What I learned is that a. the moon is a very bright object and b. finding it with a 60x scope mated to a 3x zoom (does that total 160x?[math update: that's 180X]) is something of a challenge. You can watch the actual movement of the moon at that power. That's part of the challenge, readjusting your scope every few minutes as the moon tends to move out of frame. So this is what I have after lots of frustration, plenty of mosquito bites, and the wonderful serenade of the frogs in my pond/bog. Enjoy.

*Mating a small digital camera with a spotting scope. In this case a Fuji FinePix F10 and a Bushnell Elite 80mm scope.

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