Saturday, May 06, 2006

Some of the media at least are keeping the story alive

VOA News - Long After the Deluge, New Orleans Still Suffers:
"Words and pictures don't do justice to the horror that is New Orleans. News reports about elections and tardy federal responses and this year's brave mini-Mardi Gras miss the aching sadness.

Eight months -- eight months -- after Hurricane Katrina ripped the heart out of the place they call 'Big Easy' -- then drowned her for good measure -- the already poor, already rickety place still lies sodden, eerily quiet and half empty. It is a city, still, of blue-tarp roofs and white relief trailers and 'Katrina code' porches sprayed with X's demarking dead people and pets.

The sweltering Louisiana summer is about to cook the mounds of moldy, mud-caked mattresses and books and humble photographs, the tattered teddy bears, wads of insulation and other refuse of lives once so jauntily lived in this birthplace of jazz."

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