Thursday, May 04, 2006

Worst Case Scenarios

KLFY Live Doppler 10 Weather Blog:
"The following image has dots to show where bodies were recovered in New Orleans. It also shows where the deepest waters were. The most significant flooding, at least by looking at the depth of the water, happenend along Lake Pontchartrain. While several bodies were recovered in that area, the highest concentration is in the middle of the image near the industrial canal breach in the lower Ninth Ward. This is where the water was pouring in the fastest and people had the least time to react to the rising waters."
Lafayette's KLFY TV has some very good graphics on what might happen in various scenarios involving hurricanes hitting south Louisiana, with emphasis on New Orleans and Lafayette. It's not particularly good news, but it will give you a greater sense of the danger.

The worst case scenario for Lafayette has a category 3 coming onshore south of Jennings, and flooding all the way to the outskirts of the city.

Is anyone looking at how to evacuate that area, or prevent the flooding?

Check out the videos here: Worst Case Scenarios I, II, III

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