Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Daily Kos: Georgia10 blogs on New Orleans and Katrina

Daily Kos: Things Aren't Going Swimmingly In New Orleans:
"It seems like every time the citizens of New Orleans and the rest of the affected areas try to lift their heads above water, a lack of leadership and a bungled bureaucracy shoves their heads down again. The roadblocks exist on the national and local level. Whether it's struggling to get funding for re-opened schools or being forced to clean and gut their homes by August 29th or risk having them razed, the citizens of the Gulf Coast know that they must move on, they must live like normal again, but they lack the ability and leadership to save themselves from the hell of their post-Katrina world. It's like the whole world is waiting for them to move on, but time stopped for the Gulf Coast on August 29th, preserving the helplessness, poverty, and human suffering of that day."

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