Friday, September 23, 2005

Early afternoon in Houma

The best laid plans . . . well, squally weather has been the entertainment du jour. Early this morning as the rain bands started moving over Houma, gusts could get up to 25 mph. That's changed since a little before noon. The periods of time between the bands can hardly be detected so there is a constant rain that, at times, looks to be very intense. The gusts we are experiencing now are more in the 35-40 mph range. The local television channel HTV is reporting serious flooding down the bayou in the Montegut/Bourg area. There've experienced a couple of breeches in levees down there. Cocodrie (home of LUMSCOM) is flooded also.

Communication lines (land and cellular) are still problematic. I'd be curious to know if the telecommunication problem (which began early yesterday) is a carry-over from HRH Katrina and repairs associated with same or if there is another logical reason for such a lack prior to HRH Rita?

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