Sunday, September 18, 2005

FEMA proposed timeline

I rec'd this info from a friend who works for FEMA. Let's see how close to reality this timeline ends up being?? But, if you want the journalistic version of this, maybe look here.

By Oct. 1, 2005: A new normalcy will begin. New Orleans will be almost entirely empty and the residents will be dispersed, so Lafayette, Baton Rouge and other places in the region will remain crowded. Planning will begin for reconstruction. The poor people will be in some sort of transitional housing, such as a tent city or cruise ships.
(we know now that the cruise ships are reserved for those company execs and employees who will be taking on the reconstruction of the city)
By Dec. 1, 2005: Some reconstruction will begin, especially on some levees.
By Jan. 1, 2006: People will be eating beignets at Cafe du Monde.
By March 1, 2006: Some areas will begin to open up, particularly the garden district and French Quarter, including some hotels. Many of the poor people will be in mobile home communities, where they will probably be allowed to stay longer than FEMA's usual 18-month limit.
By May 1, 2006: Antoine's, Gallatoire's and Commander's Palace will be open.
By Sept. 1, 2006: Much of the commercial activity will be functioning at a new normal. Downtown buildings will be in operation. The ports and casinos will reopen. Shreveport will be among the cities exhibiting a rebirth because of the Katrina diaspora.
By Sept. 1, 2007: The convention center and convention hotels will be open.
By Sept. 1, 2015: A new New Orleans will replace the old. Much of the character of the original city will be forever gone. And the city will be "gentrified," without much in the way of poor population. Some of its character will have been lost. Also, many middle class people will have moved on to other places.

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