Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Tale of Two Plans

OK, it's a trite headline, but the Rude Pundit has an excellent post on the subject (and the headline is mine). He demonstrates that the FEMA plan under Witt had clear objectives and time-lines. Under Allbaugh, the plan is designed to serve "customers" wit no clear objectives or deadlines.
So, to summarize here, the Strategic Goals of FEMA have shifted from definite measures of effectiveness in emergencies, including the responsibility to feed, hydrate, and shelter victims in the first couple of days after a disaster, to a business-speak that leaves weasel room for any screw-ups. To put it plainly, FEMA had been neutered by the Bush administration, dehumanized and made robotic. Is it any wonder how Michael Brown could sit there today with a straight face and claim he did his job?

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