Thursday, September 22, 2005

How will we pay for Katrina? And Rita, I guess.

Raw Story has the Republican Study Group recommendations. Cut Medicare, Medicaid,Amtrack, high-speed rail, Federal retiree pensions, corporation for Publi9c Broadcasting, foreign aid for AIDS, school lunches, national service, clean coal & hydrogen fuel initiatives, farm subsidies, Close schools for military dependents. Not one military system, not one cut to military spending other than benefits to soldiers. PLUS, one huge, whopping error. The totals include $37.6 billion in cuts to "Attache Positions in the Foreign Agriculture Service." That number should be $37.6 million, as the text shows. However, the totals at the end of the document show that the billions are carried through. That's about 27% of the total savings --- just by conveniently moving the decimal a few places. Back to the old drawing board, Study Groupers!

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