Thursday, November 03, 2005

Well, this says it all

On Friday, Charles and Camilla are due to fly to New Orleans to view the city's recovery from hurricane Katrina. Pray God we don't have a heavy rain sufficient to break the poorly repaired levees.

Three-fourths of the dead are still being tended by DMORT. Blaguerette has this notion of the Prince and his wife touring the French Quarter. You can bet their itenerary won't include the Superdome or the Ninth Ward or Lakeview and Gentilly.

Who in their right mind would think New Orleans could have recovered from Katrina in two paltry months . . . especially with the paltry sums of money Bush has promised to provide for recovery. Too bad he threw away so much money a few weeks ago in an attempt to make it appear that he was concerned for improving the lives and general well-being of the victims of Katrina. Too bad period.

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