Sunday, September 11, 2005

Australian Red Cross Volunteer in Rayne

In Louisiana, Weiss has managed a Red Cross shelter housing evacuees, where emotions are running high. The evacuees are angry and frustrated as they wait for financial assistance from the Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency.
"A couple people said, 'We're not mad at you. You know that.' (But) everyone is yelling, 'Where is the Red Cross?' And you're standing there in a Red Cross uniform," he said.
The number of evacuees in the shelter has dropped as people find housing elsewhere. On Thursday 225 evacuees spent the night, down from 675 earlier in the week.
The shelter closes today and the remaining evacuees will go to the Cajundome, 30 km away in Lafayette, Louisiana. After a break tomorrow, Weiss and fellow Edmontonian and Red Cross volunteer, Norma Davis, will be reassigned.

from the Edmonton (Australia) Sun

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