Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Back home on Monday?

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said Tuesday that he hopes that he can allow citizens who live Uptown, in the French Quarter and in Algiers to come back to their homes by Monday to get the city back in business.

“I’m tired of hearing helicopters overhead,” he said. “I want to hear some jazz.”

Nagin said that while the city is out of cash, he believes he’ll get a line of credit from some financial institutions to pay bills through the end of the year.

He added that he did not think the city would have to declare bankruptcy.

WWL-TV reporter Dennis Woltering said water is going down in much of the city and as it does a large level of destruction can be seen on West End and in the businesses near the Lakefront.

When asked if Governor Kathleen Blanco did a good job in the aftermath of the storm, Nagin said that in the final analysis, “everyone could have done a better job.”

Good news, but Nagin, cough*lifelong Republican cough*, is still holding a grudge against Blanco.

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