Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cheney: No new taxes needed to finance Katrina repairs

Now, here's a surprise:

NEW ORLEANS (CNN) --After touring parts of this devastated city, Vice President Dick Cheney said Thursday tax increases will not be needed to help pay for the massive -- and expensive -- reconstruction efforts. "We don't believe that a tax increase is in order," he told reporters. Cheney said raising taxes is not in the mix: "The solution is not to go out to make (a) tax increase."
Does anyone have a clue where the money is going to come from "to help pay for the massive -- and expensive -- reconstruction efforts?" Does this man have an orchard of money trees that we don't know about and he's willing to give to us? I'm still looking for the one I thought my mother had.

I guess he thinks we can borrow some more money and grow a greater deficit that we can never make a dent in. Is this how he thinks he can limit Congress' efforts to increase the throw-away money. I just can't figure this out!

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