Monday, September 05, 2005

Comments From Usenet

I found this exchange on a newsfruppe I subscribe to. Someone commented on how out of character it seemed when Shepard Smith lambasted the feds on Fox News. But a day later Smith had disappeared:

One guy:
>They stopped
> showing the Convention Center, Shepard Smith is nowhere to
> be seen, and I haven't heard anyone comment on how the
> National Guard trucks just happenend to start rolling into
> New Orleans when Bush's helicopter touched down in Mobile.
Second guy:
>The Shepard Smith piece was scrubbed off the Fox News site - thank god
>for the Internets!

Welcome, 1984 was not such a bad year.

Anyway, much credit should to to Smith, to Geraldo, to Aaron Brown, and especially to Anderson Cooper for actually being reporters during the long wait for federal help in New Orleans.

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