Monday, September 05, 2005

Compassionate what!!!??

I understand that Bush was in Baton Rouge today and wouldn't even speak to Governor Blanco. That's pretty much of a piece with his treatment of our local congressman, Charles Melancon, who waited for hours during Bush's first photo-op to see the president. He never got the courtesy of a refusal, just a stone wall. Well, he's a Democrat, after all. President hasn't got time for people who don't have network cameras or money.

In a similar vein, the local Republicans have been backtracking of their criticism of FEMA. Cong. Boustany (R-La.) is one of those who is "crawfishing." (Cajuns all know that crawfish back up at any sign of a threat.) Other state Republicans are treating the subject with kid gloves, making sure they blame everyone equally -- state, local and federal.

Laura was in my home town yesterday and was so wonderful. Too bad the refugees had to wait dinner till she was gone. Security reasons, I guess.

Senator Mary Landrieu showed some spine when she said she'd like to punch anyone who criticized New Orleans in its time of need, including the President. Good for her. Governor Blanco, though much more muted, has let it be known that she won't put up with FEMA's incompetence any longer.

As for Dennis Hastert. Would someone please tell him that New Orleans is still part of the United States? What kind of compassion is it to want to buldoze someone's home just as they have lost it and all they own to floodwaters. The scum floating on the waters in the Ninth Ward has more worth and more morality than Hastert.

Louisiana is lost to the Republican party for a generation.

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