Saturday, September 10, 2005

From my email this morning.

Presunbably the bulk of the labor force to be employed in the cleanup and reconstruction of New Orleans will be locals, the people the world knows are among the poorest of the poor.

The private sector contractos will be those wedded to the ruling regime in D.C.

The companies will receive billions as they have in Iraq with no audits or accountability.

On Friday, according to the NY Times, Bush signed an executive order exempting all firms who are contracted in regard to Katrina, exempting them for the appilication of minimin wage laws so they do not have to pay these poor people anything above what they deem prudent in a time when desperate people will work for any amount. Undoubtedly there will be no requirment for the companies to provide health benefits to the temporary slave labor toiling in toxic waste.

Bush has presided over the most disgraceful international action in US history in Iraq and now he is giving us the most disgraceful domestic debacle in our history.

Clinton's impeachment ivolved lies about sex. Bush has told the biggest lies of any US president and this too is about sex as Bush, Cheney and company are raping America.

La Rochelle, France

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