Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gretna in the NYTIMES

The New York Times has a story echoing what Digby wrote below about police in Gretna blocking the escape route from NO. What caught my attention is this sentence.

Officials in Lafayette, La., reported seeing scores of cruisers from the New Orleans police department in their city in the week after the hurricane. Some evacuees who fled to the Superdome and the convention center say that many police officers refused to patrol those structures after dark.

I have not seen a single NOPD cruiser in Lafayette yet. And I have been on the road a fair amount. I wonder who these unnamed officials are. Anybody have any information about this?

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Ian McGibboney said...

Neither have I seen NO cruisers. Just like all of the other fearmongering and rumor gossip that's been going on around here, it probably has no basis whatsoever in truth.