Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Honore was a photo op?

Blanco said that when the plain-spoken, cigar-chomping Honore showed up in New Orleans late last week, she thought that her worries about a lack of federal troops and resource were over. Honore quickly became a media darling and the take-charge face of the federal government in New Orleans, barking out orders to surprised National Guards members who aren't even under his control.

Blanco said she liked Honore's style, but was surprised that he arrived with only a few aides in tow.

"He didn't bring any resources," Blanco said. "I just kind of expected, based on my conversations with the White House, that we could be getting a surge of equipment, and we did not."

from the NO Times Picayune

Note that the TP has NOT been a supporter of Blanco in the past.

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