Thursday, September 08, 2005

In Defense of Nagin: Busses.

As the never-responsible-for-anything crowd shifts into overdrive, one of their key focal points continues to be the 500 buses (others say 200) that were not used to evacuate people from New Orleans. The fact that they were not used to do this is supposed to shift the blame to Mayor Nagin.

As usual, when dealing with Rovian spin, the attack is simple, the defense, not so much. Simple lies vs. complex truths. From Creationism to "evildoers" to flight-suit Santa, who could blame Rove for liking those odds?

So, I'll suggest a disarming response, which segues into a full-scale explanation for the reality-based community. I welcome feedback, and will rewrite it if people have better suggestions.

Read the full set of arguments at MyDD and read the first comment with quotes from about the photograph of flooded busses circulating in emails around the internet.

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