Thursday, September 15, 2005

LUS wins at PSC; Fiber to the home will happen!,

The state Public Service Commission unanimously approved rules Wednesday that govern the way Lafayette Utilities System must operate and account for its new telecommunications business -- rules that had the support of LUS and Lafayette officials.

PSC approval gives LUS a green light to proceed on building a fiber-optic network to each home and business in the city in order to provide phone, cable and high-speed Internet service.

In July, voters approved borrowing up to $125 million in bonds to fund the project. Earlier this month, the Lafayette City-Parish Council approved LUS to go forward with issuing the bonds.

LUS could have that money in hand by January -- barring delays caused by potential legal action.

The Baton Rouge Advocate
This is very good news. It will bring down rates for telephone, cable and internet, provide huge increases in bandwith capabilities, give Lafayette an edge in the expanding uses of internet services, and set a pattern for other cities to see information technology as a public utility. Telephone and cable companies can be expected to continue their fight against new competition.

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