Thursday, September 08, 2005

Stupid asshole. GOP Rep. wants to cut off aid to Louisiana

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), a possible presidential candidate in 2008, asked House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) "not to send federal disaster aid to officials in Louisiana, calling state and local government there incompetent and corrupt," the Rocky Mountain News reports.

Instead, Tancredo urged the speaker to create a "bipartisan select committee" of members of Congress to oversee federal disaster spending in Louisiana because of the state's history of political corruption.

Now we know that there is no limit to the depths of stupidity and partisanship of the GOP. Tancredo needs to be dropped off in the middle of the Ninth Ward today. Let the alligators negotiate with him.

via Taegan's Political Wire

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L D Schilling said...

Really! Has Rep. Tancredo (R-CO) got any clue what Louisiana represents to the nation? Two thirds of the nation's economy is DEPENDENT on the Mississippi River . . . duh, New Orleans is the port! The oil rigs in the gulf? Their oil is transported to the refineries in Louisiana. Sure thing . . . take away the dollar $2.98 in federal disaster aid to the people of Louisiana. I think we could secede from the union one more time . . . then you will see how much we've learned since the Civil War! Its a matter of who needs whom and I don't think this nation is ready to write Louisiana off. When is this jerk up for re-election? I'd like to help out his opposition!