Monday, September 05, 2005

Superdome to be pulled down?

I don't usually like to pass on rumors, but there a bunch of people say they heard Ted Koppel say this on national TV. A shame, but perhaps something better will take its place, and the Saints will have a great venue for their long-suffering and ever-faithful fans.

Update: Yes, it's true. Here's more. (Registration required.)

The Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans' battered stadium that was a shelter of last resort for 20,000 until it was evacuated, may not ever be available again.

The top aide to Baton Rouge Mayor Melvin "Kip" Holden said a regional vice president of SMG, which manages the Superdome and Baton Rouge's River Center, doubted that the structure could survive.

"According to Doug Thornton, and he was the last person out, from his approximation of how all the infrastructure of the Superdome was damaged, it will have to be condemned," Walter Monsour somberly told Holden and other top Baton Rouge officials in a closed-door meeting attended by the Journal Sentinel on Friday. "It's got to be razed and rebuilt."

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